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From Lake Nicaragua, the same lake that the Spanish conquerors called the ‘fresh water sea’ because of its sheer size, rises the island Ometepe. The name Ometepe means ‘two hills’ in the native ‘náhuatl’ language. The island measures 276 square kilometers and it houses two majestic volcanoes connected through a small strip of land. Ometepe is currently one of the destinations admired by both local and international tourists for its nature, hospitality, beautiful landscapes, the two volcanoes, a rich archeological background, relaxing beaches and its numerous natural reserves and forests that enjoy a high biodiversity.

The Church of Moyagalpa on Ometepe IslandFor ages, the island has represented a paradisiacal destination. According to stories obtained by historians, indigenous tribes traveled from up north to find a paradise as foreseen in a vision by their prophets; a place formed by two hills which they found at Ometepe while traveling down south. The island consequently transformed into a sanctuary inhabited by a mix of different tribes and cultures – something that is revealed by the immense amount of petroglyphs, ceramics, and statues that can be found all throughout the island.

The island is currently inhabited by friendly people who love their territory, dedicated to fishing and high quality agricultural production which is made possible by the fertile soil. More recently, the ometepinos (inhabitants of Ometepe) have started to attend tourists and nowadays the island houses numerous establishments offering lodging, food, tours, and other services that enable tourists from all over the world to visit and explore this paradise.

Beautiful scenery of volcan Concepción from Maderas Ometepe Nicaragua